Series 1815 Pressure Test SystemApplied Test Systems offers a full line of quality pipe/pressure testing systems, fixtures and accessories. We continually work to provide the newest improvements and innovations in these systems. While our main focus has been to provide testing equipment to meet the testing needs of ASTM D1598 and D1599 we can design and manufacture similar equipment to meet many similar applications.Series 1815-24/6 Static Pressure TesterSeries 1815-24/6 Static Pressure Tester

  • Long term hydrostatic pressure test apparatus for testing to ASTM D1598and similar specifications
  • Each manifold individually regulated, and includes a pressure gauge showing manifold pressure
  • Each station includes shutoff valve, and a leak detector, which controls a time meter and indicator light
  • Stations per pressure manifold: 6
  • Pressure manifolds: 4
  • Total number of stations: 24
  • Pressure Range: 0-500 psi.

Other configurations and pressure ranges available, contact ATS for more options!Series 1820 Pressure Supply System

  • For use with Series 1815 Hydrostatic Pressure Test Apparatus
  • Mounted in cabinet of Series 1815 Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Series 1816 Conditioning Bath

  • Stainless steel inner liner with painted steel outer shell
  • Includes re-circulating system and temperature control system
  • Maximum Temperature: 80o C
  • Specimen Bulkheads:  24
  • Specimen Trays: 2, 12 position
  • Internal Dimensions: 30 in. W. x 48 in. L. x 42 in. H
  • Water Depth: 36 in.
  • External Dimensions: 37 in. W. x 77 in. L. x 49 in. H

Other Sizes Available!