Structural Frames

  • Single Pivot Mounting Assembly: Simplest option for vertical mounting
  • Double Pivot Mounting Assembly: Some adjustment for easy movement
  • Dual Double Pivot Mounting Assembly: maximum versatility

Oven MountingMounting Arrangements

  • Counterbalance (stratle style)
  • Verticle Support Column
  • Leveling legs
  • Stationary column mount: mounting brackets attach the oven to the columns of the test machine
  • Stationary base mount: mounting brackets to attach the oven to the base of the test machine
  • Column or base mount slide assembly: mounting brackets attach the oven to the columns or the base of a test machine (permits oven to slide out of position)
  • Portable dolly: Ovens can be mounted to the lift of an ATS portable dolly (manual and hydraulic lifts are available for vertical adjustment)
    • Rear load or front load (if access to back of machine is not available)
    • Counter balance of frame (straddle style)
    • Manual hydraulic pump actuated or electric lifting
    • Oven can be easily moved from one machine to another