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Series 2330-PLC Lever Arm Tester

When it comes to creep and stress rupture testing systems, Applied Test Systems (ATS) continues to be the top manufacturer in the industry.

Equipped with versatile frame construction, the Series 2330-PLC allows operators to add furnaces, temperature control systems, fixtures, and other accessories while maintaining compact overall dimensions. Users can take full advantage of side operation, providing a more efficient use of laboratory space. Each unit features a counterbalanced lever arm with precision ratio adjustment and four-position rotatable hardened knife edges. The Series 2330-PLC is ideal for tests not requiring temperature control or data acquisition. It is ideal for Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing per ASTM F519 and other similar specifications.

The Series 2330-PLC features on-center loading at a high load ratio, providing optimum strength and minimum deflection. Precision drawhead guide assembly provides automatic beam leveling.



  • Indefinite: Once the test is started, it will measure elapsed time until the specimen ruptures or the operator discontinues the test
  • Timed: The length of test can be set at the beginning of the test. The test will automatically unload when that time is reached
  • Series 4021 knife edge alignment couplings
  • Automatic variable speed drawhead
  • Vibration isolator mounts with leveling screws


System Features

  • PLC Control
  • Series 4021 knife edge alignment couplings
  • Automatic variable speed drawhead (0.1 to 1.2 in./minute, 5 inch travel)
  • Vibration isolator mounts with leveling screws


Optional Accessories

  • Shields for F519 testing. Extended heights available
  • Calibrated load weights
  • Specimen couplings and pull rods
  • Series 3210 furnace and temperature control systems
  • Ambient and high temperature load train component


Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions42 in. W x 20 in. D x 92 in. H
(107 cm W x 50.8 cm D x 233.7 cm H)
Calibrated Load Range1,200 lb. (5.33KN) to 12,000 lb. (53.3 KN)
Maximum Capacity12,000 lb. (53.3 KN)
Load Accuracy+/- 0.5% (Weight Based)


Product specifications subject to change without notice.


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