Applied Test Systems (ATS) is a leading manufacturer of quality materials testing equipment, known for reliability and unbeatable service. Since 1965, ATS machines, accessories, and service continue to be among the industry’s best.


Creep and Stress Rupture Testing

ATS provides the most thoroughly well-designed and extensive line of Creep Testing Systems and accessories in the world. Applied Test Systems is the leader in reliable, long lasting, precise direct load and lever arm test systems. When combined with our wide range of accessory equipment these machines are capable of performing many types and variations of creep and stress rupture testing.

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Biomedical Testing Machines

Breakthroughs in modern spine research and the development of new therapeutic and curative techniques and technologies require an efficient and biomechanically accurate means of obtaining reliable test data. Our line of Biomedical Testing Machines provide efficiency and reliability for all of your testing needs.

Series FS20 | Series ST21


Universal Testing Machines

Our electromechanical universal testing machines are capable of performing virtually any test on almost any material when coupled with our unmatched line of standard and custom testing accessories. As with all ATS equipment, any of our standard frame designs can be custom-modified by our experienced engineering department to suit nearly any application or space restriction.

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Pressure Testing

Applied Test Systems offers a full line of quality pipe/pressure testing systems, fixtures and accessories. We continually work to provide the newest improvements and innovations in these systems. While our main focus has been to provide testing equipment to meet the testing needs of ASTM D1598 and D1599 we can design and manufacture similar equipment to meet many similar applications.

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Sealant Testing

Today’s architects and builders demand high-performance, long-lasting sealants for use in their structures and designs. ATS has developed the Series 500 line of Sealant Testing Machines, which are designed to simulate the expansion and contraction of sealant joints in actual installations, even under extreme conditions of sweltering heat and bitter cold, for the most realistic and accurate results possible.

Series 510/ 520 | Series 530Series 540


Asphalt Testing

ATS specializes in three major areas of asphalt testing and research (Pressure Aging Vessel, Bending Beam Rheometer, and Vaccum Degassing Oven). ATS is the only company to offer a three part test system for asphalt testing. These machines are able to test asphalt to ensure safety by either performing oxidizing or flexural tests. ATS is also a part of the Superpave Program.

Pressure Aging Vessel | Bending Beam Rheometer | Vacuum Degassing Oven | Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO Touch)


Calibration Blocks

ATS offers an extensive line of calibration test blocks world renowned for quality and reliability. Review our basic designs and styles below available in English or metric units. Call our experienced engineers to provide a quote for custom diameters, lengths, standard specifications, and materials that will meet your unique ultrasonic (UT) requirements.

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