The Applied Test Systems (ATS) line of Asphalt / Bitumen Testing Equipment has been an integral part of the SHRP asphalt research program and its Superpave system. Equipped with cutting edge, exclusive ATS software, each new system offers a sleek, digital touch screen that allows users to test and record data with ease. Whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, or a PC, remote capability lets you control and view your data on the go. For those looking for a more simplistic and cost-effective testing solution, our original BBR model is still available without a touchscreen and has been updated with our latest BBR software. Ensure that you stay ahead of the curve with the company that looks to the future – contact ATS today to learn more.



Designed to burn off test residue from lab equipment, it improves on previous versions and incorporates state of the art touchscreen technology, automatic operation, and a clean, matte-black design.

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Pyrolytic Oven

Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV4)

Designed to simulate in-service oxidative aging of asphalt binder by exposure to elevated temperatures in a pressurized environment.

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Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO Touch)

Designed to remove air bubbles created during the in-service oxidative aging of asphalt binder by the PAV.

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ATS Asphalt/Bitumen Testing - VDO Touch

Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO)

Introducing Applied Test Systems (ATS) new RTFO! This updated, economical version features a rugged, powder-coated exterior, sealed high temp bearing, and accessible bottom tray for easy cleaning.

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Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO Touch)

Designed to simulate short-term aging of asphalt binder according to ASTM D2872, AASHTO T240, EN 12607, Superpave, and California Test Method 346 test standards.

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Bending Beam Rheometer 2S (BBR2S)

Engineered to perform flexural tests on asphalt binder/bitumen and similar specimens per ASTM D6648, BS EN 14771, and AASHTO T313.

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Bending Beam Rheometer 3 (BBR3)

Designed to perform flexural tests on asphalt binder and similar specimens per AASHTO T 313, AASHTO TP 87, ASTM D6648, and BS EN 14771 specifications as part of the PG grading system according to Superpave.

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ats bending beam rheometer

Series 510 Sealant Tester

Used for testing sealing compounds, construction adhesives, coatings, and other building test materials. Meets ASTM D 5329 and ASTM D 6690 test specifications.

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Series 500 Sealant Testing Machine

Series 530 Sealant Tester

Designed to perform Aymar Type Tests at 1/8 inch per hour at variable speeds of 1/8 – 2 1/2 inches per minute according to ASTM C 910, ASTM C 736, ASTM C 719, ASTM C 1305, ASTM D 6690, ASTM D 5329,  FEDERAL SS-S200, and FEDERAL TT-S230.

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Series 530 Machine and Control Panel

Series 530 Sealant Tester Roofing Fixture

Additional fixtures for the Series 530, allowing the operator to test polymer-modified bituminous membrane specimens to ASTM D 5849, ASTM D 5329, and ASTM D 6690 test specifications.

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