ATS offers an extensive line of lab furnaces and high temperature accessories world renowned for quality and reliability.  Review our basic lab furnace designs and styles below or call our experienced sales engineers to provide custom diameters, lengths, operating temperatures, and control systems to meet your unique process requirements.  Mounting brackets and accessory items are available to ensure easy installation and startup; or contact our qualified Service Department!

Element Protection Shields

  • Protects furnace from flying debris, high-pressure liquids or gasses within the chamber
  • Solid or perforated sheet metal shields
  • Box furnaces can be supplied with metal liners or high strength refractory sheets

Sealed Terminal Covers

  • Features high-temperature silicon rubber gaskets
  • Made from cast aluminum or formed stainless steel

Perforated Heat Shields

  • External sheet metal screens
  • Reduce operator’s exposure to hot surfaces on the furnace shell