Over the years, Applied Test Systems (ATS) customers have found that the most effective way of implementing new testing equipment is to have installation and training performed on-site by our experienced service technicians. This guarantees that the machinery is installed properly and that the end user in informed of all of the equipment’s capabilities and proper methods of operation.

New, relocated, or upgraded testing systems will often require onsite support for site preparation, physical installation, training, and traceable verification. Beginning with the configuration of your new ATS system, your sales engineer will work with you to discuss installation site requirements and preparation, as well as any necessary staff training. To meet ASTM, ISO or other requirements, verification will typically be required following installation.

Our skilled installation team is trained and supported by our in-house engineering and calibration teams. This interdepartmental communication is highly beneficial, as new equipment often requires upgrades to ensure that proper electrical power, communication lines, and environmental concerns are handled efficiently with the safety of both the end user and the equipment itself in mind. ATS service technicians will also work with your onsite staff to connect the testing equipment to any required amenities including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and cooling water services for larger testing systems. When your new ATS equipment is installed by our reliable service technicians, you can be assured that your product will operate with maximum safety and efficiency.

For more information on ATS installation services, contact our service department at service@atspa.com or by telephone at +1-724-283-1212.