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ATS_pyroclean_2019Applied Test Systems (ATS) is excited to announce that the Pyro-Clean® is now CE certified. Designed to burn off test residue from lab equipment, the ATS Pyro-Clean® improves on previous versions and incorporates state of the art touchscreen technology, automatic operation, and a clean, matte-black design. Lab technicians no longer need to rely on scraping, wire brushing, or hand heating to clean equipment. Operators can simply place everything in their Pyro-Clean®, press start, and allow the machine to do the work. This not only reduces mess, but saves time and creates a safer, more efficient lab environment. With the new CE certification, our European customers can now experience all that the Pyro-Clean® has to offer.

Contact ATS today to learn more and find out why the Pyro-Clean® is a must have for any testing facility.