Product Spotlight: Portable Furnace Dolly

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Vertical Furnace Stand 01

In addition to our current line of furnaces, ovens, and accessories, ATS is now introducing a fully customizable portable furnace dolly. Similar to our durable oven dolly, each furnace dolly consists of a vertical support stand attached to a wheeled metal base plate. This dolly allows operators to easily move one furnace to different testing machines, reducing the need for additional furnaces and improving operational efficiency. Two basic dolly types, an economical structural frame and a heavy-duty free-standing frame, are … Read More

Product Spotlight: Custom Heated Pressure Test Enclosure

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pressure test enclosureAt Applied Test Systems (ATS), we work with a diverse range of customers across multiple industries. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are known for their problem solving skills and ability to create equipment to meet unique specifications. Whether they are looking for a new lab furnace or custom test frame, ATS customers know that from beginning to end, our team will help them find the perfect testing solution.

We were recently contacted by a customer looking for a … Read More

Product Spotlight: Series 3710 Car Bottom Oven

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Series 3710 Car Bottom OvenOver the years Applied Test Systems (ATS) has established a reputation as a company that can build just about anything when it comes to custom process heating equipment. When a customer is looking for a specific piece of equipment to meet unique testing requirements, our team is committed to working with them to design the perfect furnace or oven for their application.

Recently we designed and manufactured a massive custom Series 3710 Car Bottom Oven for a customer. This large … Read More