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Employee Spotlight: Jennifer CannonJennifer Cannon is the newest member of the ATS Sales Team, joining the company in late November 2016. Working directly with Robert Antolik and Patty McGee, she has already proven to be a valuable addition to the furnaces and ovens department. Drawing from her previous sales experience working for a global electronic component distributor, Jennifer brings proactive thinking and creative problem solving to every situation. After spending some time as a stay at home mom, she discovered ATS while looking to re-enter the workforce last fall. Originally drawn to the company’s location, she was won over when she learned about the low turnover rate during her interview, stating, “There are people who have been here for decades.  It’s like a family here and everyone has been willing to help me learn the way.”



Favorite Movies: Every single Lethal Weapon movie. Gladiator. The Devil Wears Prada. Most Marvel Comics movies. The Transporter (the first one ONLY). The Kingsman. Cool Hand Luke. The Notebook. Anything with action. Most RomComs. Give me explosions, shoot outs and/or crying over a lost love and I love it.

Favorite Foods: I am a big fan of cheese and pizza. Together and apart. And chocolate. Chocolate is a food, right? It should be.

Favorite Books: HA! That’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. I am a huge book nerd (I review books on the side) and there are hundreds of characters who have made an impact on me in some way. I could never just pick one, or ten for that matter.

Favorite Sports: FOOTBALL and baseball. Liking hockey now too.

Phobia/Fear:  Freddy Krueger. Yes, I know he’s a fictional character. No matter, I am terrified. Not being able to breathe, and then the typical stuff like flying and heights (except roller coasters because those are awesome and who said fears have to follow logic).



Tell us a little bit about your family & favorite activities outside of work:
I’ve been married over 10 years and am a mom to two girls, 5 & 9. They keep me on my toes. We just adopted our 3rd rescue dog and have two fish. We like to go antiquing, take vacations, and go on adventures together. We are working on updating our house to sell and find our Forever Home. Outside of work, I am a budding photographer, an adult coloring book colorer, and avid reader; I’m actually considered a ‘professional reader’. We have dance parties in the kitchen and ridiculous games of Pictionary where my 9 year old whoops me.

What has been your proudest achievement?
Other than the typical “my kids” answer – finishing my first 5K. It was really hard to train for and the accomplishment was huge.

What makes you happiest?
Happy kids, happy home. Sunny days, rainy afternoons. Bonfires. A good book. New pens, preferably Sharpies. When a craved food tastes like you imagined. Chocolate. Good music. Laughter. The smell of snow. If you want to be a happy person, you will be a happy person.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an artist. I still dabble. Ok, try to.

What is your most treasured possession? 
A couple of my grandmother’s things and my grandfather’s WWII Purple Heart and Paratrooper medals.