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    Asphalt Bitumen Testing Equipment

    Pyro-Clean®Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV4)Vacuum Degassing Oven (VDO Touch)Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO)Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO Touch)Bending Beam Rheometer 2s (BBR2S)SHEAR1Unsure - General Asphalt Information

    Sealant Testing Machines

    Series 510 Sealant TesterSeries 530 Sealant TesterSeries 530 Sealant Tester Roofing FixtureUnsure - General Sealant Tester Information

    Biomedical Testing

    Series FS20Series ST21

    Calibration Test Blocks

    30 FBH Resolution BlockASME Basic Calibration BlockASME Reference BlockASTM Area AmplitudeASTM Distance AmplitudeASTM Distance/Area AmplitudeDC Distance Calibration BlockDSC Distance/Sensitivity Calibration BlockDS Distance Sensitivity Calibration BlockE317 Calibration BlocksEDM NotchingIIW Type 1 (MIL-STD)IIW Type 2 (MIL-STD)IOW Beam Profile BlockMiniature Angle Beam (Rompus) Calibration BlockMiniature Resolution Calibration BlockNAVSHIPS Calibration BlockRC (AWS) Resolution Calibration BlockSC Sensitivity Calibration BlockCustom Thickness GaugesStep Block Thickness GaugesUnsure - General Calibration Test Blocks Information

    Creep/Stress Rupture Testing Systems

    Direct Load TestersLever Arm TestersManual Lever Arm TestersWinCCS Control UpgradesCreep/Stress Rupture Testing AccessoriesUnsure - General Creep/Stress Rupture Testing Systems Information

    Environmental Chambers

    Environmental Chambers

    Lab Furnaces

    Series 3110 Tube (1200°C)Series 3210 Split Tube (1200°C)Series 3150 Box (1200°C)Series 3160 Split Box (1200°C)Series 3410 Tube (1540°C)Series 3420 Split Tube (1540°C)Series 3450 Box (1540°C)Series 3310 Tube (1700°C)Series 3320 Split Tube (1700°C)Series 3330 Split Box (1700°C)Series 3350 Box (1700°C)Temperature Control SystemsCoke Testing SystemUnsure - General Lab Furnaces Information


    Series 3710 (-155°C to 425°C)Series 3720 (-155°C to 425°C)Series 3710 HT (-185°C to 620°C)Series 3720 HT (-185°C to 620°C)Temperature Control SystemUnsure - General Ovens Information

    Universal Testing Systems

    Series 900 UTMSeries 1100 UTMSeries 1600 UTMUnsure - General UTMs Information