Today’s architects and builders demand high-performance, long-lasting sealants for use in their structures and designs. ATS has developed the Series 500 line of Sealant Testing Machines, which are designed to simulate the expansion and contraction of sealant joints in actual installations, even under extreme conditions of sweltering heat and bitter cold, for the most realistic and accurate results.

Series 510

Used for testing sealing compounds, construction adhesives, coatings, and other building test materials.

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Series 500 Sealant Testing Machine

Series 530

Designed to perform Aymar Type Tests at 1/8 inch per hour at variable speeds of 1/8 – 2 1/2 inches per minute according to ASTM C 910, ASTM C 736, ASTM C 719, ASTM C 1305, FEDERAL SS-S200, and FEDERAL TT-S230.

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Series 530 Machine and Control Panel

Series 530 Roofing Fixture

Additional fixtures for the Series 530, allowing operator to test polymer-modified bituminous membrane specimens to ASTM D 5849 standards.

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Series 540

Versatile, computer controlled system designed for load capacities of up to 4,000 lbf (17.7kN).

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