• Quantity: 1
  • Serial Number: 12-8667
  • Price: Please Call or Email For Pricing.
  • Description:
    • Durable, long lasting testing equipment with intuitive, user friendly software
    • 7-inch touch screen HMI display, mounted on an articulated, adjustable arm.
    • Large testing area accommodates a variety of specimens.
    • Independent chrome-plated guide rods provide crosshead guidance.
    • Manually adjustable limit switches.
    • System features include up/down jog buttons, return to zero, peak load/displacement recall, and jog/high speed inputs.
    • Safety features include an emergency stop system, overtravel limits, and automatic break detection.


      • Load Frame Capacity: 5,000 lbf. (22.2 kN)
      • Horizontal Clearance: 20 in. (508 mm)
      • Vertical Clearance: 42 in. (1,067 mm)
      • Speed Range: 0.002 – 20.00 in/min (0.05 – 500 mm/min)
      • Power Requirement: 230 VAC

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