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Our new roofing fixture for the Series 530 Horizontal Sealant Tester has made our cutting edge software and user friendly touchscreen test system accessible to scientists and lab technicians in the roofing industry. With these fixtures, operators can test polymer-modified bituminous membrane specimens to ASTM D 5849 standards. Originally designed to test adhesives and sealants, the Series 530 uses a relatively low travel rate of cycling and exposes samples to a specific number of cycles under conditions of increased amplitude or lower temperature. These tests can now provide data on classifying polymer-modified bituminous membranes, based on their performance related to the fatigue conditions to which they are subjected.


  • Easy to add and remove from the Series 530 Horizontal Sealant Tester.
  • Light weight, yet durable and made from quality materials.
  • Basic fixture designed for steel sub-straights. Additional spacers available for wood or concrete sub-straights.
  • Fits both old and new model Series 530 Horizontal Sealant Testers.


Product Specifications

Testing Specifications ASTM D 5849
Specimen Capacity 4 samples
Product Dimensions 16.625 inches wide x 2.5625 inches high*
Weight 10 lbs. (excluding samples and sub-straight material)


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