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World of Asphalt 2019

Applied Test Systems will be in Indianapolis, IN February 12th – 14th at the World of Asphalt 2019 Show & Conference!

Learn more about the ATS line of asphalt testing equipment, and discover the new ATS Pyro-Clean® at booth #23131. Designed to burn off test residue from lab equipment, the ATS Pyro-Clean® improves on previous versions and incorporates state of the art touchscreen technology, automatic operation, and a clean, matte-black design. Lab technicians no longer need to rely on scraping, wire brushing, or hand heating to clean equipment. Operators can simply place everything in the oven, press start, and allow the machine to do the work. Our knowledgeable sales engineers will be on hand to answer questions and discuss our entire asphalt/bitumen binder testing product line.


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